Chapter 9 - Moonlight in (a Bar in) Vermont

Mary and her dog Shorty moved into a little apartment , which was actually, the band room above the bar in the Somewhere Restaurant in Fair Haven, and to pay her rent, she washed dishes downstairs.

Me & my best friend

Winter in Vermont –beautiful but COLD!

Isn't it sweet? One night she's singing at the coliseum for 20,000 people, and a few weeks later, she's washing dishes - and she chose to be a musician because...?

Anyway, since her apartment was right over the bar and didn't have a phone, when she had a call, the bartender would take a broom and pound on the ceiling to let Mary know to come downstairs.

She also took a temporary job at a bank in nearby Rockledge to support herself (and her kids back in Colorado with her mom and dad), but after spending a very cold winter (-50 degrees one morning) in Vermont, when the spring of 1987 rolled around, she and her faithful mutt Shorty headed to Nashville, Tennessee.

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