Chapter 8 - Hitting it Medium-sized

Sagebrush got a break when Roberts & Sagebrush were hired to be the opening act for George Jones at the Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY. Reviews were good!! George showed up and so did several thousand fans, it was a great experience.

Ad with "Special Guest Ron Roberts and Sagebrush" - Rutland Herald, June 26, 1986
I was standing off stage watching George Jones -what a pro! Glens Falls Civic Center, NY, June 1986

Waiting for a roadie to roll me away - goofing around after the show.

This led to other gigs as opening acts with Loretta Lynn and Charlie Pride in Albany and Lake George, NY. Mary's mother was a huge Loretta Lynn fan, so Mary flew her and her two daughters out for the Lynn show so they could meet her.

The Albany Coliseum has a
revolving stage - strange sensation...
Yukking it up with Loretta after the show. She's a delightful lady.

Loretta and my mother. Mom had a great time backstage.

Mary would open the shows for Roberts with a Patsy Cline tune, then play keyboards and guitar (very quietly, as she was not a hot picker) and sing backups for Roberts during his set.

Charlie Pride Show, Coliseum,
Albany NY September, 1986

Backstage after the show with Ron Roberts. I liked that tux -wish I still had it! And could still fit into it...

The show bus – I spent many an hour
rollin’ down the road in this

In the studio
Albany, NY 1986

By this time, Roberts & Sagebrush had a custom designed bus, a sound man, driver, roadies, etc., had made a recording in Albany, and were "on their way", but soon internal disputes (hanging out with five men can really get on a gal's nerves) caused Mary's relationship with the band to end. This left her stranded again, but the autumn in New England was so beautiful she decided to stay around a while. Unfortunately, it turned to winter.

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