Chapter 7 - On the Old Weird Road Again

Back in Florida, in the summer of 1986, Mary hit the road again with her dog Shorty and a country-rock band, Sagebrush, that was put together for a tour in New England. The tour didn't pan out (surprise!) and she ended up living in the back of her Isuzu truck and a motor home shared with the guys in the band while they looked for gigs.

Just when she was about to kill them all, the band hooked up with Ron Roberts, a gospel singer in Granville, New York, who was trying to cross over to pop-country music. He owned an old vaudeville theater in Granville that had been condemned but with a nightclub in the basement. The band starting playing downstairs in the club, and Mary lived in a small room upstairs in the old building. She spent her daytime hours exploring the old theater and several times almost fell through the old floors and trapdoors behind and under the original stage. There was an old upright piano in the theater, which she tuned up with a socket wrench and she spent her daytime hours writing songs and playing them in the old theatre. The acoustics were great, especially when empty. The band also played during this time at a huge country bar and restaurant outside of Fair Haven, Vermont called the Somewhere Restaurant.


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