Chapter 3 - Party Time: Hippy Days

Mary started performing around Ft. Collins at parties, sing-alongs, "hootenannies", and a local pizza place with other folk singers (i.e., worthless hippies) for free food and tips. She finally gave up on making any money at music -imagine that! - moved to Denver, got a real job for a while, then mosied out to L.A. to seek warmer weather and crazier people. She found both, got married, returned to Denver, and had a baby daughter, Beth.

Rich & Mary Christy 1969

Beth Ann

After a few years of attempted domesticity, she became single again. For a while she played solo gigs under her married name, Mary Christy. Check it out:

The Village Tub was just outside Fort Morgan, Colo.
I wasn't a great folksinger - but I had great   folksinger hair.

EVERGREEN - AREN'T WE A FUN LOOKING BUNCH? MUST BE HUNGOVER... (and don't you love the pants on our guitar player?)

Mary then joined a folk-rock band, Evergreen. It was fun for a few months, but they were booked on a "tour". The band got fired for not playing enough rock &roll and were stranded after the first gig in Omaha, Neb. and lost the rest of the tour. After that, she quit music (again!), "for good"!!

After Evergreen, Mary and a friend with a Harley moved to the San Francisco area. They settled in Brisbane, just outside San Fran, with her baby daughter, where she married the friend with the Harley and had another daughter, Soni. She did not perform during this time but worked full time as a secretary in the city. She continued to play her guitar for friends (if she could make them listen), wrote songs, changed diapers and baked cookies.

Fran &  Mary Telarico (& Beth)

Soni in the backpack


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