Chapter 2 - Colorado Farm Girl goes bad

At the age of 14, the family moved to a farm near Brush, Colorado where Mary was your average teenage idiot rock & roller, who wrote stupid songs and short stories when she wasn't putting giant rollers in her hair and hyperventilating over the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Fortunately, she took piano lessons, so when she went to college at C.S.U. in Fort Collins, Colorado, she fell in love with the brand new baby grand piano in the common area of her dorm. Sometimes - to the astonishment of her classmates showing up for breakfast - she would play it all night. She thought of a career in music, but instead majored in something similar, partying.  After a year of college, she was asked not to return by the Dean of Women at CSU (but that's another story - it was the 60's) and folk music was everywhere, so she dropped out, tuned in (her guitar, of course), and joined the flow.

This says it all – notice the beer bottles & the ashtray (also the stupid expression)

Oh those hippy days –and I always had a cigarette

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