Chapter 12 - You're Still Reading This? Get a Life!

Back in Colorado, Your Father's Mustache Band with Mary Kelly played nightclubs, music festivals, parties, concerts, fundraisers, weddings, anniversaries, divorces, for beer, no apparent reason, etc. The band can be seen and heard at the Bull & Bush jazz jam sessions on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. They are distinctive in their genre by combining great musicianship with total silliness, which makes them very popular to certain low-lifes around Denver. (thank you, fans!) Click here to learn more about the band.

Taken at the Sacramento Jazz Festival, Craig displaying his patriotic shorts. . . I don't know these guys, really! May 2002

Your Father's Mustache at
Union Pacific Headquarters, 2006
Don't Know Where We're Going But We're Making Good Time
(CD Cover 2007)
(CD Back Photo)


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