Chapter 11 - Back in Mustache Land (Again!)

By this time her girls had both graduated from high school, and after her mother's death, Mary remained in Brush, Colo. until1995 when she moved back to Denver and began working at the new Denver International Airport. Your Father's Mustache Band was still going strong after 25 years, and although she announced she had "retired" from singing, she was persuaded by Joe Petrucelli to come back on board.The more things change, the more they stay the same...

Your Father's Mustache Band Helena, Montana Jazz Festival,
June 2000
L-R: Stu Miller, bass, Bill Stevens, piano, Joe Petrucelli, banjo; John Bredenberg, clarinet & sax; Mary Kelly, vocals; Freddy Stufft, drums; Craig Hugo, trombone; and Charlie Smith, trumpet.
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