Chapter 1-Nebraska Cowgirl told to Shut Up

Singing at a school program.
I really loved that sweater, too.

Mary Kelly grew up on a Nebraska cattle ranch, herding cattle, feeding chickens, etc. and singing to any cow or pig who would listen. Her first public appearance was at school programs in the one-room country schoolhouses she attended in primary grades.

She learned songs from her parents' big band records of Patti Page, June Christy, Glenn Miller, etc., and on the radio she listened to country music legends like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. If anyone had told her that some day she would actually meet and perform with Loretta Lynn, she wouldn't have believed it - and neither would have anyone in her family. They mostly told her to "pipe down" or alternatively "shut the hell up". She was awfully loud, and well, she really was awfully loud...

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